Echo – Day 13

Posted Saturday, June 1st, 2013 at 10:50 am

Echo 2013 – Trip Update Day 13

Written by Staff Captain; Mieles Ballisat

We awoke to a bright and sunny day at Cooper Island Beach Club for the students last full day of program. Everyone was ready for our Basic Keelboat assessments; both practical and written. A speedy breakfast and quick dip started the morning, before the first groupLeigh, Molly, Drew, and Chrisdeparted in Opal Bella with Emma. The practical test consisted of all the skills practiced during the previous fortnight; including upwind sailing, downwind sailing, tacking, gybing, and man over board recovery. Whilst they were out, the others started packing their belongings and doing their share of the boat clean. After a couple of hours, Opal returned and it was time to swap. Ish, Thomas, John, and Kitty took to the water whilst the rest of crew packed and finished cleaning the boat. Upon their return, a final cook up was in order for lunch, using all of the remaining food.

Shortly after, Drew, the skipper of the day, ordered the boat to be ready to depart for the final voyage across the channel to Hodges Creek. As skipper, he chose to delegate his docking duty to Ish, who had a mean docking on his hands into the tightest space in the marina. However, Ish did a fantastic job; no crunching, no extra fending needed, just straight in!! Once docked and re-hydrated, it was time for the written part of the assessment. Once finished, we broke for showers and a bit of relaxation before our final dinner. Our awards night kicked off with a delicious cookout served by Mieles and Elise, and shortly followed by hilarious skits and paper plate awards! The program was nearly at an end, and with an early start in the morning, everyone hit the hay ready for a long day of traveling, orfor Kitty, Thomas, and Johnan exciting day of diving!!


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