Early Alpha – Day 2

Posted Monday, June 10th, 2013 at 8:23 am

Early Alpha 2013 – Trip Update Day 2

Written by Luke Whitcraft; Mate

We all awoke early as dawn broke over Hodges Creek Marina. The student crept out of their sleeping bags and from underneath their covers to a breakfast of yogurt and granola. Their Captains and Mates met to discuss the day’s plan then re-convened to tell of the adventures ahead. The students would be launching off the docks and heading to Great Harbor, Peter Island. This is where they would have their first mooring and swim test. The students ate delicious hoagies while under motor and after lunch was finished the sails were raised for the first time. The students enjoyed the feeling of the boat gliding across the water and were delighted to have the sun shining down and wind blowing through the cockpit. After mooring at Peter, the students did a swim test and shower demo. Following was a dinner of hearty burritos. After stomachs were full and dishes were clean,  the evening ended with a boat meeting then power down. Everyone needed rest before tomorrow’s new wonders.


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