Early Alpha – Day 4

Posted Wednesday, June 12th, 2013 at 10:19 am

Early Alpha 2013 – Trip Update Day 4

Written by Luke Whitcraft; Mate


Today was a great day to be on board Molokai.  Peter, David, and Micheal started their confined water skills today at Norman while Mimi, Tai, and Lillie enjoyed a hike with others from the fleet to the top of the island. The night ended with a delicious dinner prepared by Anthony then everyone enjoyed socializing ashore at the Pirates Bight Restaurant.

Buoyant Asset

The crew of Bouyant Asset enjoyed an exciting day! Alex, Matt,  Ashley, and Charlotte began their open water certification, Kyle took Cammy and John sailing on the picos, and Hannah had a go at paddle boarding with other students from the fleet. Caroline cooked a yummy chicken stir fry dinner then everyone rallied together for a washing and drying line while dancing to Katy Perry.


At the summit of the Norman Island hike, students from JP found themselves on a helicopter pad looking out over clear blue reef filled waters surrounding on all sides. Chris, Patrick, and Laura dominated in a game of contact, fulfilling the challenges provided by the staff. Trevor started his day off right with a exciting salt water dip while Zach and Carroll did their confined water dive training. All of the open water students kept their focus and powered through the 5 confined water dives in just one day!



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