Early Alpha – Day 6

Posted Friday, June 14th, 2013 at 8:19 am

Early Alpha 2013 – Trip Update Day 6

Written by Luke Whitcraft; Mate

Buoyant Asset
The day began beautifully for the crew of Buoyant Asset. Ashely was skipper of the day as the crew
left Little Harbor early in the morning. Pulling into the channel,  everyone had a chance on the helm and practiced upwind sailing and tacking. The students did a fantastic job docking in the tight space behind their fellow fleet boat, J-Phaurom, with great spotting by Alex and keen port side fending by Cammy.
Today was a great sailing day on JP! Patrick was a natural during tacking on the helm and Trevor pulled us right into the docks with no fenders needed! Carroll was estatic about her freshwater shower in the luxurious dock bathrooms at Nanny Cay and Caroline and her brother John were able to spend some time togher during the truck tour where the students enjoyed the views of the island. Everyone made a great contribution during boat clean up and JP passed the boat inspection first go around!
The crew of Molokai did a fantastic job today. The crew performed many maneuvers including tacking and gybing and did them with excellence. Mimi docked the boat with the help of Lillie, Tai, and Anthony. David and Peter did well on the winches and ruing the tasked while Micheal and Anthony managed the duty roster.

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