Early Alpha – Day 10

Posted Tuesday, June 18th, 2013 at 8:45 am

Early Alpha 2013 – Trip Update Day 10

Written by Luke Whitcraft; Mate


Today on Molokai David was a great helmsman during our sail to Anegada. Tai, Lillie and Mimi did a wonderful job raising the sails at Loblolli Bay on Anegada. The students of Early Alpha participated in a coral watch activity for community service. Later in the day, Molokai enjoyed company from mates Alex and Soeurette who spotted out dolphins to the group during an afternoon snorkel!


Buoyant Asset

The students of BA started their morning off right with a delicious breakfast prepared by Charlotte and Hannah. Cammy, who was skipper of the day, steered the crew most of the way to Anegada. Kyle did an excellent job dropping the ball as well as picking up the mooring ball when the ship arrived at bay! Once arriving to their destination, it was time for lunch followed by a lesson over knots where the students all had the chance to try their hands at what they had learned.



Today onboard JP, Caroline served as skipper with Annie as her mate. The crew dropped the ball smoothly and Patrick helmed all the way to Anegada! The students hit their destination dead on with a perfect mooring needing nearly no help from the staff. Communication on the boat was excellent and spirits were high from the great teamwork!


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