Delta 1 – Day 3

Posted Wednesday, June 27th, 2012 at 11:43 am

Delta 1 Trip Update Day 3 – Kieran, Program Director

Today we got to sleep in! (Sleeping in on Delta means sleeping until 8:00 a.m.!) We had a quick breakfast so that we could get underway to Isle Tintimarre, a small, small island just east of St. Martin that is its own sort of little paradise with a white sand beach. This is also a perfect place to spot sea turtles, and we were graced with their presence. A perfect place to eat lunch and relax before sailing to a more protected anchorage for the evening: Grande Case.

The crews on both boats have taken to sailing like naturals. Katie Cole-Kelly, the captain aboard Patricia J, says, “I feel like I’ve known these kids for years! We are already making 15 second tacks without using winch handles! This is working towards racing speed.” Eric, the captain aboard Groix, has told me that the boys are quickly learning what it takes to work as a team, and it is great to see his crew facing the challenges of working together and running a boat effectively.

St. Martin is one of the larger islands we visit on our trip, so it has been great to spend this much time exploring this large area, but we are excited to be heading out tomorrow to new islands, and … new countries!


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