Delta 1 – Day 4

Posted Wednesday, June 27th, 2012 at 11:43 am

Delta 1 Trip Update Day 4 – Kieran, Program Director

Today we woke up in Grande Case on St. Martin with the chance to go ashore and explore some shops, hang out on the beach, play some games, and call home. Meanwhile, our captains went in to take care of customs. By the time they returned, we were ready to eat lunch, and shortly thereafter, get our departure prep underway. After picking up our Program Director Kieran (me!), we set our course for Ille Fourchue.

After rounding the northeastern most point of Saint Martin, the sail was a beautiful close-haul/ beam reach. Aboard Patricia J, I witnessed a beautiful sail raising with the entire crew involved! I was very, very impressed! Meanwhile, watching Groix from a distance, I could see them raising their sails in record-breaking time — so fast that they passed us by

Ille Fourchue is a quiet, deserted, rocky island. It has a nice peaceful anchorage to spend the evening, with optional snorkeling today, and an early morning hike tomorrow morning!

All is well. It is great to be away from St. Martin and to be on our way to exploring new islands, new cultures, and new waters!


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