Sierra 1 – Day 8

Posted Sunday, June 30th, 2013 at 10:57 am

Sierra Program 2013 – Trip Update Day 8

Written by Christie Lee; Social Media Intern

This Saturday I had the opportunity to spend the entire day with the fleet of Foxtrot and Sierra during their beach day at the beautiful Bitter End Yacht Club on Virgin Gorda. Arriving on land shortly following a filling oatmeal breakfast, the students gathered around on the dock for a quick meeting as the staff relayed the various activities that would be available during their time ashore. From morning until the late afternoon, students had a wide range of choices and plenty of time to fit in all the things they wanted to do. From wake boarding and skiing, lounging around on the white sand beach, sailing hobie cats and lasers through the clear blue water, browsing the resort’s souvenir shops, enjoying milkshakes and snacks from the pub, hiking to the top of the island, and of course the all-time favorite, tubing on the Paparazzi, students certainly stayed busy!

Sitting beneath the palm trees, I enjoyed some refreshing frozen treats with Mimi as we took a break from heat of the sunny day. I then joined Wells on the beach as we relaxed on the cushy chairs beside the water while a few students played lacrosse and frisbee in the sand of the shallow shore. Alex and Sam started a flipping competition and other students joined in to take turns doing front flips and back flips off of the boardwalk.¬† Tommy showed off his tubing skills as he challenged the boat driver, Perry, to throw him off of the Paparazzi. While Perry was unsuccessful, a Yachtshots photographer came over to take pictures of Tommy’s stunts! On the boat, we saw Eddie flying across the water in a laser and we were all impressed at how well he handled the small sail boat on his own!

Around noon, you could tell it was nearly lunch time as I joined the two Jens in the bakery, browsing the delicious looking muffins and cakes with watering mouths. The crew had the option to eat lunch either at the resort’s restaurant or picnic on the beach with a lunch prepared by the staff. Sitting at the outdoor pub with Four Two Knot crew members Nicole and Dani, we chatted about everything from school to our favorite television shows. As skipper of the day, Dani even¬†taught me a bit about life on the boats as I had to wait for her permission to eat! And although I didn’t participate in the hike, those who returned from the adventure gushed over the beautiful views of the ocean and surrounding islands from the top. Thankfully they took picture to show the rest of us!

After a full day of fun in the sun, the sleepy but satisfied students and staff headed back to their respective boats for showers and spaghetti dinner preparations. There was no doubt that all would sleep well tonight.


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