Alpha 1 – Day 9

Posted Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013 at 9:45 am

Alpha Program 2013 – Trip Update Day 9

Written by Elise Anderson; Program Director

What a challenge day!

Today the Alpha crew started their day with a team leadership meeting at 6 o’clock in the morning. The skipper, mate, and elected leader of each boat came to take down the schedule for the day and have a navigation briefing on the course for the day, hazards to watch out for, and important markers to notice. Then it was back to the boats for each leadership team to wake up their crew and start the day without any help from the staff. For the whole day, it was the crew’s challenge to keep to a schedule, navigate safely to a destination, and efficiently and effectively sail the boat and perform sailing maneuvers as a team.

On Buoyant Asset, Jared was the skipper, Olivia the mate, and Izzy the elected leader. Olivia did an incredible job throughout the entire day. Starting at 6 a.m. she wrote down the schedule on the white board for everyone to see and helped motivate the crew to be on time for activities. She also made great calls when it came to sailing maneuvers and was able to explain the reasoning behind the choice to the rest of her crew mates. Brandon was also an outstanding leader throughout the day as a returning student and confident sailor. Overall, every single crew member on Buoyant Asset pulled their weight and contributed to the group’s success on the longest sail yet, reaching the destination all on their own.

On Badger B. Richard was the skipper and Drew was the navigator. The navigation was absolutely excellent all throughout the day. Georgia contributed her navigation skills as well to help the crew reach their destination safe and sound. Throughout the day, Mac and Zach volunteered for almost every maneuver and loved that the boat was heeled over and flying fast across the water. Once the crew arrived at their final destination, Haris picked up and threaded the mooring ball with the help of Richard expertly steering them on a perfect course.

Once on the mooring, challenge day continued all the way through dinner and clean up until the boat was spick and span and all was in perfect order again. Both boats did an incredible job today and it was a great opportunity for each group to see everything they had learned so far and how well they can work as a team through challenging experiences.

After a boat meeting on each boat discussing the lessons of the day, the Alpha crew turned in for a well-earned night’s sleep. Tomorrow it’s off to the Bitter End Yacht Club to explore the beach and the shops, play on the small boats, and hike around the island. There’s no better place to spend a sunny summer day. We can’t wait!



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