Alpha 1 – Day 12

Posted Friday, July 5th, 2013 at 2:37 pm

Alpha Program 2013 – Trip Update Day 12

Written by Elise Anderson; Program Director

Today the Alpha crew woke up to a blustery island day of sailing through a sunrise! Departing from Anegada, the crew took a heading of 225 degrees and sailed along on a cruising beam to broad reach. We were out there catching some wind and riding some rollers! It was a great time for all.

The long sail was made quick by the perfect conditions and we were headed into Trellis Bay in no time. Once there, A.R. did a spectacular job on the helm picking up a mooring ball for Badger B. She expertly maneuvered herself between numerous boats in a busy mooring field and after a few attempts helped her crew to a successful mooring. Brandon did the same on Buoyant Asset and controlled the throttle and helm 100 percent by himself. It was a blustery day, but with communication, strong leadership, and working together, Buoyant Asset smoothly picked up a mooring ball in no time. Then, to our surprise,  Trellis Bay was full of turtles! Paul spotted one first swimming around just off our stern. Throughout the day we must have seen at least five! What a magical place!

After a filling and delicious lunch of grilled cheese and a little afternoon siesta, we headed to shore for the SC ALPHA OLYMPICS! This consists of the two boats playing games against each other like tug-of-war, synchronized swimming, sand art competition, and a dizzy fender race. The crew of Badger B absolutely had a blast and Seth was instrumental in the Badger B win against Buoyant Asset. Mateo, Izzy, and Cece headed out on paddle boards afterwards and explored a bit around the mooring field. The whole crew then barbequed hotdogs on the grill off the back of our boats and headed back to shore for the special Fourth of July Fireball Party. There the Alpha crew found a live band, a local artist’s shop, and beautiful old mooring balls turned into sculptures and filled with a bonfires floating on the water’s edge. It was such a magnificent sight to see. The crew of Buoyant Asset played a rowdy game of musical chairs against all the other Sail Caribbean fleets. The rest of the time was spent chilling in the fishing net hammocks hung in the trees and having sodas and ice cream on the beach.

It was a fun and unique Fourth of July for the Alpha crew -one unlike any other. Tomorrow it’s our last day on the water and a special day as well because the Alpha crew will explore the infamous Baths on Virgin Gorda.

Click here to see photos of all the programs at the 4th of July Fireball party on Trellis Bay, Tortola!



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