Alpha 1 – Day 13

Posted Saturday, July 6th, 2013 at 12:02 pm

Alpha Program 2013 – Trip Update Day 13

Written by Elise Anderson; Program Director

It was another sunrise sail on the last day on the sea for the Alpha program. Starting from Trellis Bay, the crew of Badger B and Buoyant Asset were both heeled over on a great close haul towards the Baths on Virgin Gorda. Brandt and Brandon were two of the early risers who helped a bunch with the sail.

On Buoyant Asset, Brandt did a spectacular mooring ball pickup close to land and was even able to hover in one spot for a long time. He demonstrated great control of the boat. Once on the mooring balls, it was off to the Baths for the infamous “hikle” – a hike and a snorkel. Everyone loved wandering through the beautiful granite boulders on the sea side and snorkeling back through submerged boulders. Then it was off to jump rock to jump off the top and splash into the bottom. Georgia and Sophie totally conquered their fear of heights and jumped in! It was so amazing! Everyone had a ton of fun jumping off the rock into the crystal clear water! Then it was back to base for docking and the final night of awards and skits.

The winners of activities were announced tonight and the crew of Buoyant Asset swept the competition in the chili cook-off. Together the boats picked up three and a half big black trash bags at Anegada and did a great job enthusiastically cleaning up the beach there. Buoyant Asset earned a surprise cake for all of their trash collection and spirit throughout the trash pickup on Anegada.

After awards, it was skits and they were absolutely hilarious. Izzy did a great impersonation of one of the counselors as did Richard. Then the counselors tried their best at an impromptu comedy skit! It was embarrassing and funny! Overall, it was a fantastic end to a great program.

Everyone passed their first level sailing examination and two students, Richard and Brandt, did an outstanding job earning perfect scores. The rest of the last night of program will be spent writing letters to their new-found friends and gazing at the stars above our boat masts for one last night. It has been a great time on Alpha and we will be sad to see this crew go. It’s back home tomorrow and we’ll miss you Alpha 1!

The final photo album for Alpha 1 is up! Click here to see all of the photos from the crew’s two week adventure.


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