Bravo Day 16 & 17

Posted Wednesday, July 10th, 2013 at 7:26 pm

Bravo Program 2013 – Trip Update Day 16 & 17

Written by Kieran Sullivan; Program Director

Day 16

This morning our staff members woke up early in order to drop the ball while everyone was asleep so that we could leave our moorage in Jost for the little island paradise of Sandy Cay. We spent a glorious morning ashore, rotating through Marine Biology lessons on Reef Ecology, snorkeling, and spending some quality time on the beach.

We then had time to phone home from our little paradise before heading back to boats for lunch. After, we headed out to the open water so that we could put theory in to practice: spending time learning to run man overboard drills. It was a challenging experience, and we were happy to head to Soper’s Hole on the west end of Tortola for some time ashore at shops before heading back to boats for showers and an early quiet evening.

Day 17

Today, in order to wait out the storm passing to the south of the BVI, we decided to spend the day on land. Our divers set off early for a morning dive, while everyone else came ashore for an in-depth Marine Biology lesson on Sharks, Skates, and Rays. When the lesson was finished, we had a little time to spend exploring the shops of Soper’s Hole before heading back to boats for lunch. When the divers returned and they had eaten as well, we headed back to shore so that we could rotate through time spent on truck tours of the island as well as doing water sports.

Finally, our day ended with going back to boats for some early showers before dressing up for a night out with the entire program at a local restaurant. We settled in to our boats as heavy winds swirled overhead as the storm passed us by. We went to sleep excited to get back out on the water!


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