Alpha 2 – Day 3

Posted Thursday, July 11th, 2013 at 9:18 am

Alpha Program 2013 – Trip Update Day 3

Written by Elise Anderson; Program Director

Wow! What a great day for the Alpha crew to try new things and see beautiful sights! The day started out with a fun snorkel along the beautiful shallows in the turquoise water exploring all the coral reef by our boats. The crew learned about coral from our marine biologist, Sesno, and while snorkeling they recorded the health and color of the coral. The data collected will be recorded in a data base for a global initiative monitoring the health of coral reefs around the world.

After their quick splash and morning exploration, the Alpha crew learned about navigation and got acquainted with the chart of the islands we will all be sailing through for the next two weeks. After learning how to plot a course and read the bearing and distance from a chart, the crew embarked on their sail down to the Bight on Norman Island. It was a beautiful windy day and everyone had some hands-on time hauling on halyards, pulling sheets, and manning the helm.

Upon entering the Bight, Chris led a spectacular mooring ball pickup on Badger B and steered the boat right on to the mooring ball, first try! On Buoyant Asset, Pepe was on the helm and also handled the boat spectacularly in the strong wind. Once the Alpha crew was all safely moored, it was time for some afternoon fun. Ellen, Juliette, Ashley, and Pepe went on a hike up to the top of Norman Island with some incredible views of the surrounding coral reefs and our boats down below in the mooring field.

Sydney had a ton of fun on one of the Picos and Ashley helped teach Pepe some sailing skills on the other. Chris, Noah, Jaqueline, Alena, and Jordyn went SCUBA diving for the first time and loved it! Ollie saw a giant sting ray on his dive! Very cool!

After a ton of fun for the whole afternoon, the crew worked together to create a delicious dinner of chicken, couscous, and salad. Seth led up the dinner project on Badger B and did a great job. At the end of the day, the crew turned in for a peaceful night in the protected Norman Island mooring field. With the mast head lights glowing half way between the ocean and the stars, it was a beautiful sight to behold while drifting off to sleep.

Tomorrow the open water diver students will keep working towards their certifications and the rest of the crew will snorkel a gorgeous reef called the Indians, try out watersports, and play around in the Picos!



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