Alpha 1 – Day 4

Posted Friday, July 12th, 2013 at 10:53 am

Alpha Program 2013 – Trip Update Day 4

Written by Elise Anderson; Program Director

Water and Sunshine! What a fun day in the sun for the Alpha crew. Everyone started off the day with a variety of different activities to make any summer day on the ocean a great one! The Open Water Divers worked on their skills today in the gorgeous clear water of the Bight. The visibility was incredible and down below under the water you could see the rays of sunlight shining through. Everyone did really well and the students finished their confined water dives today – all five of them! This means tomorrow, everybody gets to do their first real open water dive!

The Badger B crew spent their morning on shore hanging out in Picos and doing water sports. Ollie and Connor took out a Pico and flew around the mooring field and made it all the way out to the caves on the edge of the harbor. They were out chilling and cruising through the tropical paradise background for the whole morning. Alena and Jacqueline hung out on the beach, went swimming, and explored the shallows.

On Buoyant Asset, the crew started their morning with a lesson about fish identification and headed out to a beautiful, unique snorkeling spot called the Indians. The snorkel site is four prominent rocks with a large surrounding coral reef filled with colorful fish and even a swim through tunnel! While they were there they saw a ton of fish. Ashley absolutely loved it and soaked up all the beauty of the unique reef structure.

In the afternoon, the boats switched activities and Badger B headed out to the snorkel. Ollie, Connor, and Seth spotted some marine life they dubbed “the whale shark” even though it might have been just a nurse shark! It was a fun time for everyone. The crew of Buoyant Asset hung out for the afternoon. Ellen loved the paddle boards, and Buddy tore it up on a wakeboard. Pepe tried wakeboarding for the first time!  Johanna and Carlena had a blast trying out tubing and jumping the wake behind the boat. Ben, Buddy, and Andrew were absolutely rocking at sailing their Pico and made it almost all the way to the Indians. Ashley and Juliette sailed their Pico all the way out to the caves at the edge of the mooring field.

After a fun day in the sun, the crew had their dinner on their boats and then headed to the beach bar to hang out with each other, socialize, and play games on the beach. It was another fun-filled day on Alpha and a nice, relaxing night. The moon tonight is a perfect crescent hanging in the sky above the mooring lights of all the boats in the harbor. Tomorrow will be another fun filled day of adventure, saltwater, and sun!


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