Alpha 4 – Day 8

Posted Wednesday, August 14th, 2013 at 12:24 pm

Alpha Program 2013 – Trip Update Day 8

Written by Kat Murphy; Mate

The morning started off for Alpha with learning about fish ID and collecting data for Reef Check, a non-profit dedicated to monitoring coral reef species diversity and abundance.  While snorkeling on Cistern Rock they watched a massive Caribbean spiny lobster crawl out of its rock crevice, a very rare thing to see during daylight hours!  After, the snorkel students got another opportunity to water sport, paddle around the bay on stand up paddle boards, and purchase some tasty island beverages.

The entire fleet headed back to boats for lunch and to get ready for Challenge Day!  Challenge Day is a Sail Caribbean tradition, an opportunity for campers to completely take over their boats and sail them from one destination to another within a given time frame.  Today’s challenge was to sail from Cooper Island to Bitter End Yacht Club on Virgin Gorda in four hours.  Leading up JP was Zoe as skipper, Eliza as mate, and Jonny as navigator.  Venture’s lineup was Parker as skipper, Luke as mate and navigator, and Alyssa was elected from her peers as the third addition to the leadership team.  Badger B had Mary as skipper, Travis as mate and navigator, and Eliza was the elected addition to the leadership team.  The fleet started out on a good note, with all boats slipping their mooring balls and raising sails in a timely manner.  During the sail the JP crew learned to use their traveler to give the main a more efficient shape.  Everyone was enthusiastic and full of energy after having successfully navigated their boats into the North Sound within the given time frame, well done team Chalpha!  JP even picked up their mooring ball on the first try.  After dinner campers spent time debriefing challenge day, as well as relaxing and unwinding after a long action packed day.


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