Alpha 4 – Day 9

Posted Thursday, August 15th, 2013 at 1:01 pm

Alpha Program 2013 – Trip Update Day 9

Written by Kat Murphy; Mate

Ladies and gentleman welcome to Race Day!  To prepare for the race, veteran racers Eliza and Santiago taught a racing lesson to their shipmates on JP, and Venture crew decked themselves out in colorful zinc face paint. The fleet raced their way upwind from the entrance to North Sound, around a set of channel markers and back downwind towards the starting line.  With Jeremy at the helm JP started off in the lead, beating Venture to the windward mark.  However Badger quickly pulled ahead of the pack and was the first boat to make it around the channel markers and sail wing-on-wing (their jib on one side and their main on the other), crossing the finish line and winning the race!  JP followed close behind, with Venture following shortly after.

Once boats picked up their mooring balls, the gang all went ashore for some well deserved chill time at the Bitter End Yacht Club, a magical place full of sandy beaches, turquoise water, lounge chairs, and luckily today, blue skies dotted with fluffy cumulous clouds.  Blaine was in his element, teaching Eric and Drew how to sail Hobies while flying across the sound on a beam reach.  Parker, Jamison, and Teddy got their thrills having a speedy ride in Paparazzi, while other campers took a more relaxed route, perusing the shops and relaxing on the beach.  The fleet returned to boats in the early evening, and after a quick shower campers had the option of going out to dinner at Saba rock.  It was a beautiful night with the stars peaking through the clouds.  Everyone ate at long family style tables and got some hammock swinging time in before it was time to go back to boats.  Everyone appreciated not having to do any dinner dishes tonight!


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