Foxtrot 3 – Day 10

Posted Thursday, August 15th, 2013 at 1:06 pm

Foxtrot Program 2013 – Trip Update Day 10

Written by Emma Lucy Deegan; Program Director

Today was Challenge Day, the day that we hand the running of the boat over to the students. They have learned a lot over the past nine days and this is their chance to prove it to themselves and to the staff. The Skipper of the Day, Mate of the Day and Navigator of the Day from each boat met on Van Gogh early this morning to get the schedule and then Geneve’s crew returned to wake the rest of their boat and get the day started.

On Van Gogh, Lizzie was our Skipper and she was aided by Ben as Mate. Emma was Navigator and excelled in this position. She followed the navigation exactly and guided the crew from The North Sound to Trellis Bay. She advised Lizzy on various obstacles as they entered the mooring field, helping her to pick up a mooring ball in this extremely busy area. Quinton really showed himself to be a outstanding crew member today. He helped to teach Philip how to ready the Genoa lines and was always the first one ready when the Skipper called on her crew.

On Geneve Kyra was Skipper, Magda was her Mate and Jack was Navigator. During the sail from The North Sound to Trellis Bay Kyra and Danny took turns to be on the helm and lead the crew with Magda navigating the course around The Dog Islands and towards Trellis Bay.

On arrival in Trellis Bay the two crews got in the water to do some Community Service. Trellis Bay is a busy mooring field and unfortunately it ends up with a lot of trash on the seabed. The students snorkelled to clean some of the trash that they could find.

This afternoon the divers dove on an airplane wreck and did a deep dive at The Dogs as part of their Advanced Open Water course. While they were gone the non divers went ashore at Trellis Bay. Here they had a chance to explore the shops. A local artist, Aragorn, has a studio here and the non divers spent some time checking out his prints, pottery and various other crafts. They also met with Drake, the farm manager from Aragorn’s organic farm. He talked with them about the fruits they grow and they had a chance to try some of them and purchase some produce.

The Advanced Open Water divers were back in the water for a night dive and spotted no less than eight turtles. Lizzie and Emma baked a cake and decorated it with Philip, Ben and Quinton while on Geneve the crew celebrated Magda’s birthday with a cake at boat meeting.


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