Alpha 4 – Day 10

Posted Friday, August 16th, 2013 at 11:33 am

Alpha Program 2013 – Trip Update Day 10

Written by Kat Murphy; Mate

Campers awoke with the sun peaking over the horizon for an early morning sail over to Savannah Bay, a beautiful quiet cove of turquoise water breaking over an extensive coral reef, surrounded by isolated sandy beach.  On the way to Savannah, JP awoke extra early, sailed off their mooring ball, and spotted Anegada before they tacked around and headed back towards Virgin Gorda.  While on Venture, Drew and Eric took turns behind the helm sailing wing-on-wing, the trickiest point of sail.  Entering Savannah, campers were able to have one more opportunity to practice anchoring.  Once the fleet was secure with their snub lines tied, everyone headed ashore for Olympics!  The games consisted of tug-of-war, bury your captain sand castle art, dizzy fender relay race, and synchronized swimming.  JP dominated tug-of-war, and Venture took first place in the dizzy fender relay.  However the winners for the last two events with not be disclosed until our final night together back at Hodges Marina!

The afternoon consisted of the Charlie’s going diving on the airplane wreck and the chimney’s, while Alyssa, Ashton, and Jamie worked on their rescue diver skill sets.  Back at Savannah bay, Alpha’s longed in the sun, and fender floated while Travis perfected his back flips.  The afternoon ended with a marine biology lesson on sea turtles and the evening began with the epic chili cook off competition!  Boats are judged on taste, presentation and theme.  This evening Venture’s theme was chilly chili, Badger’s was the seasons, and JP’s was a romantic evening.  The Chileans came dressed in crazy outfits banging pots and pans and singing the Sail Caribbean chili cook off theme song, “My chili has a first name it’s C-H-I-L-I, my chili has a second name it’s aiyayayaya!”  Campers sang along, ate chili, and wound down for the evening.



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