Alpha 4 – Day 11

Posted Saturday, August 17th, 2013 at 11:55 am

Alpha Program 2013 – Trip Update Day 11

Written by Kat Murphy; Mate

Campers had the option of sleeping in this morning while staff up-anchored and motored sailed over to the Baths.  Luke, Parker, and Alyssa graciously offered to get up early and start making breakfast for the crew on Venture.  The Baths is a marine protected sanctuary on the southern tip of Virgin Gorda, surrounded by massive rock formations jutting out of the Earth and weathered over time, it is a truly spectacular sight!  Campers went ashore and hiked through the caves to devil’s bay, where they learned about coral reef formation and the impacts of coral reef bleaching.  They then donned snorkel gear and put in some community service hours for Coral Watch, an organization dedicated to collected data on coral health throughout the world.  They collected five data sheets, go team Chalpha!

After the hike and snorkel, some ambitious campers went over to jump rock with staff and took turns leaping into the sea.  Drew and Jamison logged over ten jumps!  We then had a quick downwind sail over to Trellis Bay so that the Charlie’s could get ready for an afternoon dive.  While picking up a mooring ball the Badger B crew saw two or three green turtles coming up for air.  The Alpha’s spent the afternoon learning about marine debris and participating in a snorkel trash pickup, then heading to shore for a truck tour of Tortola.  After a veggie stir fry dinner prepared by staff members as a treat for the campers, everyone enjoyed getting to bed early after another eventful day out on the water.


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