Alpha 4 – Day 12

Posted Sunday, August 18th, 2013 at 2:05 pm

Alpha Program 2013 – Trip Update Day 12

Written by Kat Murphy; Mate

The morning started with the Alpha’s going on their final two dives to the Flinstones and Joe’s Cave.  Both dive sites are located off of West Dog island, and are characterized by their grand cathedral-like caves.  While Alpha’s were diving, Charlie’s learned about marine debris and participated in their snorkel trash cleanup, and even saw two eagle rays!  They then went ashore and had the opportunity to go shopping at Aragorn’s, a workshop and store showcasing sustainable and local art, buy drinks at the café, and swing in hammocks on the beach.  The entire fleet came back for lunch and a quick motor across the channel to Marina Cay, a tiny island surrounded by an enormous coral reef.

The Charlie’s then headed out for their afternoon dives.  Congratulations are in order for Alyssa, Jamie, and Ashton for their hard work and dedication towards earning their rescue diver!  Blaine, Raed, and Santiago received their digital underwater photography specialty, and Anna perfected her buoyancy skills, hovering upside down!  Afternoon for the Alpha’s consisted of snorkeling on the reef, relaxing in the sun, and water sports.  Drew and Travis both rocked the wake skate, doing 180 spins and cutbacks, while back on Badger, Margot helped bake her crew a delicious cake with chocolate frosting, yum!  Tonight was spent taking Crew, Bosun, and Mate tests and enjoying the last night out on the water together before heading back to docks tomorrow.  Everyone was scrambling to sleep out on deck, and feel asleep giggling and whispering underneath the stars and the bright almost full moon.


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