Alpha 4 – Day 13

Posted Monday, August 19th, 2013 at 2:40 pm

Alpha Program 2013 – Trip Update Day 13

Written by Kat Murphy; Mate

The last day of camp is upon us!  Charlie’s went diving in the AM to finish up their specialties, such as wreck diver, photography, and peak performance buoyancy, while Alpha’s learned all about the mysterious world of sharks and went ashore to explore Marina Cay.  When the diver’s got back the fleet rummaged around their cupboards and fridges, scrounging together food for their last meal cooked onboard!  Then it was clean, clean, clean to get the boats in ship shape for the downwind sail to Hodges Marina.  Preventers were tied and sheets eased out as campers raised their sails one last time.  We could not have asked for a better day!  The skies were a brilliant blue, dotted with puffy cumulous clouds and a steady 15 knot breeze to carry us into Hodges.

Once all boats were docked and secure, campers prepared for the skits and awards ceremony in the evening.  Performing skits is a Sail Caribbean tradition in which the students poke fun at the staff and each other and the staff poke fun at the students.  Badger did a funny skit portraying what it’s like waking up campers on Venture, while Venture sang a song and played a guessing game, acting out each staff member.  JP did a comparison on how their boat runs (the oldest boat) in comparison with Badger (the youngest boat).  All was lighthearted and in good fun!

And now for the awards…drum roll please!  Everyone passed their crew tests.  Teddy, Luke, and Anna passed notably with 100%.  Congratulations are in order for Jamie, Jeremy, Zoe, Chelsea, Blaine, Mary Ralph, Jane, Luke, Eliza, and Santiago for earning their bosun, while Eliza and Santiago earned the highest level offered at Sail Caribbean, their mate certification!  On the diving front, open water certified divers include: Jane, Luke, Jamison, Mary, Mary Ralph, and Margot.   Advanced open water: Blaine, Parker, Malcolm, Raed, Lacey, and Anna.  Rescue Divers: Ashton, Jamie, and Alyssa.  Congratulations campers!  We wish all of you well.  Have a fantastic school year and come back next summer!


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