Tango Day 18!

Posted Thursday, July 31st, 2014 at 9:10 am
What a day for the Mazurka crew!  We said an early goodbye to Missy, who headed off to a day of diving with the Charlie and Bravo programs.  After a quick breakfast, everyone headed to shore for the Sail Caribbean Olympics.  Our YEP friends were waiting for us on the beach.  Our first event was a trash sculpture competition where teams had 20 minutes to collect trash before creating and decorating sand sculptures.
The rest of the morning was spent competing in various events before some relaxing beach time and a quick turn on the Banana Boat.  Zane and Jake taught Courtney, one of the YEP students how to swim!  We headed back to Mazurka for lunch, where we had hoagies, leftover ramen, pasta salad, and fried rice.  We ate so much!
In the afternoon, we took turns on Opal Bella, a smaller monohull sailboat.  Before pulling up anchor, we had some quiet time to catch up on summer reading.  Jeremy, our skipper of the day, helmed Mazurka as we pulled up our anchor and headed to Monkey Point on Guana Island.  Justin and Max helped Captain Dave snorkel on our anchor.  We finally finished our day with a Chili Dinner that Missy and Claire cooked for the Chileans that founder Mike saved from a plane crash, or so our staff told us.  The Tangos are truly enjoying their last few days of program!
Skipper of the day: Jeremy



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